Fellowships, 立功表现奖 和生活的会员

CA ANZ recognises and celebrates the outstanding professional achievements and distinguished service of our members with Fellowships, 立功表现奖, 和生活的会员.

Members are recognised for their outstanding contributions and professional achievements through the conferral of Fellowships, 立功表现奖 和生活的会员.

Recognition doesn't always hinge on an extended period of membership. While 生活的成员hip is generally conferred on a senior member who has had a long and exceptional career as a CA, 立功表现奖 recognise outstanding service to CA ANZ and may be awarded regardless of seniority or length of membership.


Celebrating the outstanding contributions of our volunteers

What is a 立功表现奖?

These awards recognise the outstanding volunteering effort of members who offer their time and skills to give back to their profession. Just three such awards may be given each year in each region.

Who may receive a 立功表现奖?

Award recipients must have made a significant contribution to CA ANZ through outstanding service on a Regional Council, 委员会或小组. This includes service in representing CA ANZ on joint panels, Government working groups and Inquiries.


Up to three recipients are chosen annually by their Regional Council.


Recognising outstanding achievement and contribution to the profession


Fellowship recognises members for their outstanding career achievements and contributions to the profession. Their contribution may have been to CA ANZ, 社区, 经商或通过教学, research or writing in the field of accounting. Members who have been awarded a Fellowship are entitled to use the designation FCA, FACA或AT(研究员).


任何完整的CA, ACA or AT member may be nominated for Fellowship although as a guide members would usually need around fifteen years of membership to achieve the required level of seniority and contribution to the profession.

Nominations must be made by two full members of CA ANZ (members may not nominate themselves) and are accepted between April and July each year. All nominations are first considered by the local Regional Council and then by the Council of 注册会计师s ANZ. Fellowships are conferred annually in November or December.


Our newest Fellows: 222 members receive Fellowships in 2020.





生活的成员hip is the highest honour bestowed by the Council of 注册会计师s ANZ. It recognises the exceptional career of senior members of the profession, widely respected both in the community and in the profession. It is bestowed very rarely and the number of 生活的成员 is restricted to forty at any time.


  • 沃伦·艾伦FCA, 2010年,惠灵顿
  • Richard Allert AO FCA, 2018 South Australia
  • 伊恩·鲍尔FCA, 2012年,奥塔哥
  • 托尼·伯恩FCA, 2013,塔拉纳基
  • 吉尔·考克斯FCA, 2017,坎特伯雷
  • Richard Denton AO, FCA, New South Wales
  • 托尼·弗兰克汉姆FCA, 2002年,奥克兰
  • David Gibbs AM FCA, 2020年,维多利亚
  • Robert Grice AO, FCA,昆士兰
  • John Hagen FCA, 2005年,奥克兰
  • 彼得海斯MNZM FCA, 1999奥克兰
  • 利兹·希基MNZM FCA, 2018奥克兰
  • Murray Jack FCA, 2019年,惠灵顿
  • James Kennedy AO, CBE, FCA, Queensland
  • Ross Ledger FCA, 2019, Western Australia
  • 伊恩·莱格特FCA, 2018年伦敦
  • David MacDonald FCA, 2011, Wellington
  • Lynette Provost CNZM FCA, 2019, Wellington
  • 丹尼斯 Robertson FCA, 2020, New South Wales
  • Sue Sheldon CNZM FCA CFInst.2018 D,克赖斯特彻奇
  • 埃里克·特蕾西 葬礼,2020年,伦敦
  • Don Trow FCA, 2003年,惠灵顿
  • Prof Antonius van Zijl FCA, 2019, Wellington
  • 克里斯多夫 韦尔奇FCA, 2020,伦敦


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